Art Workshops for Kids

Developing talent and creativity in the local community.

Play Map

Get active, explore and be inspired!

Language of Art

Art workshops aimed to inform and encourage creativity when learning languages.

After School Art

Join us in Jabberwocky, Haddington, every wednesday and thursday after school.

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Calendar of events

Saturday, 7th September, 1pm-4pm

Play Map East Lothian – Haddington and Surrounds Launch Event

Details on Play map East Lothian Facebook page

Art Connects Generations

Art Point Scotland is an organisation committed to developing talents and creativity in the local community by connecting artists and creators with children and young people.

Our goal is to create a space where local residents, proud of their own craftsmanship, can show the younger generation new skills, teach them new techniques, and ultimately prove that we are all artists!

art is everywhere

Art Point Scotland is running workshops on Festivals, Markets and Open Days. If you are thinking of making your family-friendly event even more interesting please